Three Sport Athletes
      It is the view of the OABC that attending school and playing sports can be challenging. The students are expected to balance education, athletics, and personal life. Some of these students trade one jersey for another three times a school year. This is why the OABC would like to give recognition for these amazing individuals.The three sport athletes should be praised for all of their dedication and hard work. Every year, the OABC, will give out Letterman Jacket pins to acknowledge their great achievement. The OABC is proud to have these students blaze a path to their future in Okanogan High School.

1. Student must play one sport during the Fall, Winter and Spring sports programs.

2. You mast start, remain and end each season academically eligible with 2.0 GPA or higher.

3. You must stay Caribou Trail League (WIAA) eligible.

​Three Sport Athletes

Kaedn Daling
Gage Wilson
Cooper Sloan
William Clark
Coleton Schreder-Guerrette
Levi Veenhuizen
Brady Cate
Josue Ramos
Chet Craigen
Dakota Fingar
Sean Park-Epley
James Colbert​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Lady Bulldogs
Alexis Jones
Paxton Wood
Anna Arroyo-Obeso
Trinity Wood
Jill Townsend
Jillyan Taylor
Kendra Sachse
Karina Baum
Vanessa Cardenas
Jerah Ramsey
Mya Moses
Allie Eastridge
Grace Clark
Dallas Heindselman
Jada Rasmussen
Allison Johnson​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​